Who is this chick?

Hi! I’m Ashley, a writer who designs and codes.
Often at the same time.

I put together words and websites for brands with soul.

Ashley Ladlie is a copywriter and web designer.
Awkwardly modeling clothes for a client one sultry Caribbean summer day.


Professional Passion

I work with my clients to build an e-space based on their goals, with writing that compels and design that delights.

Of course, I make sure this space looks and sounds like their brand. Not mine. Or anyone else’s.

In the broadest terms, my “professional mission” is to use the things I’m best at and most enjoy in the direction of positive change, however that presents itself. And I want to have a jolly good time doing it.

I love working with other people who also aim to spend their careers in that sweet spot where their greatest passions and talents meet the world’s greatest need.

It doesn’t have to be lofty or life-saving or artistic. It can even be purely for laughs.

But it does have to be inspired. That’s when the fun begins, and when things work out in ways no one could ever have imagined. It’s a magical process to behold. I feel honored when I get to play a small part.

I love my work. I love my clients. And I especially love that I can say both things and mean it.


Dude, what is a brand with soul?

A business with soul infuses its products and services with a whopping dose of love and passion.

A brand with soul has personality, to boot.


In full glory feeding goats in the Virgin Islands.


Vocational Journey

This is the most awkward thing in the world to write.
But I can’t very well pay someone else to do it for me, now can I?

So here’s a timeline with some facts:

1997 : Teach self HTML to build Geocities website. “Ashley’s Page O’Wonders showcases Pearl Jam bootlegs and favorite quotes (mostly song lyrics).1998 – 2001 : High School. Abandon internet for boys, band and books.

2005 : Graduate Magna Cum Laude from Luther College. English and Political Science degrees. Phi Beta Kappa. College radio & newspaper. Fun.

2006 : Start and end Ph.D. program in American Studies. Say farewell to academic fantasies.

2007 : Corporate America. Learn business. Do well. Promising future. Dead inside.

2010 : Move to Caribbean. Beloved barista and bartender. Under-employed. Mega-Inspired. Writing again!

2011 – 2013 : Boss Lady Property Manager. Learn more business. Do everything from maintenance to marketing. Condos #1 on Trip Advisor. All work, no play. Dull Ashley.

2013 :  Start writing for Women Who Live on Rocks. Design and social media too. Fun! Feedback. Creative confidence.

2013 : Sabbatical. Career Transition. Rekindle romance with web design.

2014 – 2016 : Freelance! Write, design and code. Pay bills! Word of mouth! Work and skills. Skills and work. Learning, growing, doing.

2016 : Leave magical island life for Retirementville, Florida. Supervising Dad. Readjust to civilization. Rebrand. Restructure.

2017 : Relaunch. Return to Minneapolis. Mary-Tyler-Moore-ing it.


Notes on Style

Clearly, I like bold color. My brand could never in a million years have anywhere near a muted or neutral palette because it would be the opposite of who I am. But that’s just me.

I design for what your brand needs, not mine. That said, I will always stubbornly guide you in the direction of best web design practices.

As for writing, I also enjoy adopting a variety of styles. My favorite is when I can inject some wit. But I also do serious. I just can’t do boring. Or bullshit.


Random Facts


  • my canine furbabes
  • interesting, soulful people who make me laugh and think
  • following my fav bands around the continent with my mom
  • planting, cooking, learning, making
  • beautifying, photography
  • irony, the absurd
  • podcasts, books, stand-up, documentaries
  • having my mind blown


  • pretension
  • closed minds
  • closed hearts
  • mediocrity
  • complacence
  • arena rock


Things I Wrote for Women Who Live on Rocks when I still lived on one.



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