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The One-Pager
More than a Landing Page, this is an abbreviated version of the Five Basic Pages, with all the important stuff condensed to perfection and laid out beautifully on one scrolling page. Perfect for a solopreneur just starting out, a very simple product or service, or a freelancer who needs a website but not a portfolio.

Five Basic Pages
Your standard brochure-style website. Most businesses need one of these, at the very least.

Portfolio or Catalog
This is when you have something to show off, but you’re not looking to actually sell the thing, ecommerce style. Great for photographers and artists of all kinds or for displaying a large selection of any product but stopping short of making the sales transaction via the website. Built so items can be easily added by you or someone on your team.

Basic Ecommerce
Your website can sell things while you sleep. Whether the products are real or virtual, your website handles the transaction without you needing to man the register, so to speak. Basic means that there’s not a whole lot of moving parts. Products are listed. Products are sold. Bada-bing. Bada-boom.

Not-So-Basic Ecommerce
Add in a third party, or require a ton of user-input, throw in a members-only area and an affiliate program and you’ve got yourself quite a project. The nice thing about WordPress is that you can build pretty much anything you want. But more moving parts means more time, money and manpower. Not-So-Basic or all out Complex Ecommerce websites will include all the things laid out in the pricing table below, but will need to be estimated individually.


Five Basic Pages
Portfolio / Catalog
Basic Ecommerce
In-Depth Consultation
Header Graphic + Simple Graphic Creation
Host set-up and/or migration
Live Working Website
Contact Form
Basic Automatic Back-up
Website Nutshell Owner’s Manual
Five Basic Pages
Portfolio / Catalog Integration
Basic Ecommerce Set-Up
Starting Price $880 $2400 $3600 $4400


A Few Things on Pricing

  • It’s firm. However, I do offer adjusted rates if:
    • You have already worked with me on a Website Audit or Words. We’ve done some of the work already, after all.
    • You would like me to write your website in addition to designing and building it.
  • Timeframes and payment schedules will be agreed on before the project begins and included in the contract.
  • I’m happy to estimate items not included in the packages separately – things like content writing, and extra awesome customizations.
  • I also do smaller website customizations at an hourly rate of $70/hr.
  • Rates and pricing are subject to change.


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