Website Audit and Action Report

Low Commitment, High Return.
Because knowledge is power.
And action steps get things done.


In-depth consultation, analysis, feedback and recommendations (with action steps) of how you might redesign or otherwise upgrade your website to meet your specific goals.



Included in the Review:

  • Structure & Organization
    • Does the layout, page order, and navigation make sense?
    • Is it confusing or hard to navigate?
    • Is the site structured in a way that search-engines can read?
  • Function
    • How easy is it to find what I’m looking for?
    • How easy is it for me (a proxy for your audience/customer) to do the thing you want them to do?
    • Does the thing you want me to do work?
    • Does the site load slowly? Are there other barriers to a pleasant user experience?
  • Writing (aka web copy)
    • Initial impression? Amateur hour? Halfway there? Near perfection?
    • Does the tone and style connect with your audience? Is it on-brand?
    • Do the words help to meet your goals? How are your Calls to Action?
    • Is it too sales-y or too robotic? Too many buzz words and not enough substance?
    • Did it put me to sleep?
    • Does it sound like you?
  • Design
    • Does it match your brand?
    • Does it help meet your goals?
    • Does it feel dated? Amateur? Clunky? A snoozefest?
    • Does it resize to be functional at different screen sizes?
    • How does it look in the most popular web browsers?
  • Content (if applicable)
    • Is it helpful? Interesting? On brand? Consistent?

    Things Not Included in the Review:

    • Keyword analysis or advanced SEO optimization
    • Specific plugins, configurations or anything that requires back end access
    • Security Issues
    • General business model concerns



A detailed, easy-to-read report on how you might improve your website to meet your specific goals. This will be broken out by the categories listed above, to include:

  • Detailed feedback and recommendations
  • Specific Action Steps
  • Helpful Resources



Any actual web design, development, or copywriting.


The Process

  1. One hour Skype Session with Deep Clarity Q’s
  2. I squirrel myself away, get intimate with your website, and pour lots of brainpower, heart and soul into your report.
  3. I send your report and we schedule a Skype follow-up within the next week or so.
  4. We follow-up with a 30 minute Skype call. Or I can answer your questions through email.
  5. You move on with greater clarity about what your website should be doing for you, and how you can go about improving how it’s done.


Benefits to You

  • The process helps you think through your website goals, so that when you do make the redesign investment, you don’t waste time and money. With a clear idea of your specific goals, you’ll be more focused and efficient.
  • You have at your disposal a professional opinion that is yours to keep and refer back to in any way that may be useful to you. It’s easy-to-read and actionable so using it won’t be a drag.
  • If you like working with me, we can explore partnering for your site redesign. (I offer a $220 credit since we’ve already done some of the work.)
    • If not, you can find someone who better suits you, and you’ll have an excellent road map of how you might proceed. Someone else may have different ideas about the best way to move forward, but with a professional consultation in your back pocket, you’re at least not going into the project blind.


Your Investment

  • $440
    • $220 required to schedule
    • $220 on report delivery
  • 90 minutes and some brainwork
    • I’ll send your Deep Clarity Q’s before our initial Skype session. Ideally, you’ll spend some time on them before we meet.
    • BUT, I’m a realist, so if 30 minutes of quiet time isn’t gonna happen for you, it’s cool. We’ll still get where we need to go during our call.
      • We’ll go over the questions in detail and I’ll pepper you with some follow-ups so I can get a real keen sense of your business and your goals.
    • Included is a 30 minute Skype session within 1 week of your report delivery so I can answer questions for you. We can also do this part over email, if you prefer.


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