All the Website Words

Express your purpose boldy. With substance and style.
In a way that feels real to you and the people you want to reach.


Your entire website, written for you, by me.
And tailored to your brand’s unique personality and specific goals.
(If you’re not sure what those are, we’ll figure it out.)



What’s Included:

  • Five Basic Pages
    • Home, About, Services/Work, How to Hire, Contact
    • Includes Brand Positioning Copy (reusable!)
    • Includes Brand Story (reusable!)
    • Tagline/slogan (reusable!)
  • Menu Wording
  • Blog and/or Newsletter Name
  • Miscellaneous wordsmithing details required for a basic website



  • All the copy for your website, as listed above.
    • Delivered by .doc, PDF and written into your website itself.
  • Branding Copy Easy Lifting Pages
  • Brand Personality & Tone Cheat Sheet



  • Content writing
  • Future updates or changes
  • Website consultation, design or development
  • Extensive coding required to make the new words look good on your site.


The Process

  1. One hour Skype Session with Deep Clarity Q’s
  2. I squirrel myself away and pour lots of brainpower, heart & soul into your website words.
  3. I send you a draft.
  4. You give me feedback, either written or via Skype.
  5. I revise and resend.
  6. You give updated feedback.
  7. I finish polishing and send final draft with your Cheat Sheet & Easy Lifting Pages
  8. I write your words into your website. (Unless your web person prefers otherwise.)
  9. You move forward with confidence knowing your website reads like a dream, sounds like your brand, and connects with your audience in a way that moves them to act.


Benefits to You

  • The enthusiasm and confidence that come with owning a well-written website that charms the people who most need what you have to give.
  • Time and space to focus on the things you rock instead of getting bogged down in the often tormented process of writing about your own business.
  • New appreciation for what you do and a snappier way to talk about it.
  • Other marketing endeavors will be easier in the future because:
    • You can simply copy and paste your brand positioning statement, brand story, and other wordsmithing elements from your Branded Copy Easy Lifting Pages.
    • Your Brand Personality & Tone Cheat Sheet gives you a guide for writing little bits of ad copy, social media posts, or anything else that doesn’t necessarily make sense to hire out.


Your Investment

  • $880
    • $440 required to schedule
    • $440 on delivery of final draft
  • A couple hours and some brainwork
    • I’ll send your Deep Clarity Q’s before our initial Skype session. Ideally, you’ll spend some time on them before we meet.
    • BUT, I’m a realist, so if 30 minutes of quiet time isn’t gonna happen for you, it’s cool. We’ll still get where we need to go during our call.
      • We’ll go over the questions in detail and I’ll pepper you with some follow-ups so I can get a keen sense of your business and your goals.
    • Additional time spent to provide feedback on the drafts I send. Two rounds of revisions are included.
  • Oh. I offer special pricing if you would like me to build your website too.


Ready to get started? Have some questions first?
I offer a free, no-pressure 30 minute consultation.

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