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Update and refresh all website copy for Wizmo, Inc. to complement the new corporate visual identity and website. To include: positioning statement, brand story, about & services, calls to action and giving the ‘ol punch and chunk to the existing content.


Please Note: All screenshots reflect how these web pages looked the last time I touched them, and do not necessarily indicate how the live website renders now or in the future.


Background & Process

Marketing copy that’s approachable — even fun — is on trend for so many very good reasons.¬† Out with jargon and stiff, robotic phrasing. In with everyday language that people actually use. Friendly, human writing makes a brand seem modern, connected and forward-thinking.

The Method brand is tops at writing clear copy that also delights.

My aim is always to write copy that’s easy, enjoyable and informative, with a degree of personality as befits the brand.

With this project, the client was happy for me to inject some wit, so long as it does not distract or delegitimize. (More on the inspo behind this brand identity refresh here.)

Branding Questionnaire + (Super Secret Writing Hack)

The Branding Questionnaire feels a bit like I’m assigning client homework — the last thing busy adults need, I know. But, it’s a necessary part of the process to get the job done right.

This evolving collection of questions big and small is a useful tool for compiling client info and ideas. It’s an even more valuable resource for settling in to the right brand persona.

I really use this thing! It gets printed out, written all over, cut up, and mixed around.

The client’s answers work as both a jumping off point to get started and a focusing point during the creative process.

(Click to view, download and print:)


I offer the following instructions for optimal results:

Because this is also going to require some creative inspiration on your part, I recommend giving yourself an hour or so to read through and answer these questions without distraction and during a time of day that works well for deep thinking.

Be real with your responses. It’s better if you avoid business speak and just say it how you would to a trusted coworker or colleague.

And here is that secret of good writing I promised: when we aren’t trying, ideas often flow freely and emerge fully-formed, ready to go.

When not attempting to sound business-y perfect, golden nuggets of thought pop out of clients’ heads and onto the page. Then I scoop ’em right up, frequently using them word for word in the text.

Your Words + Mine: A Happy Hybrid Result

The following section is an example of directly incorporating the client’s words of expertise. Based on a few emailed follow-up questions, she extemporaneously detailed various nuanced aspects of their sales strategy.

To my great delight, lucid descriptions and concepts poured forth into that email body. Much of it is included verbatim, surrounded with a bit of context, description and transitional language.

The Spiel and Send

A home page is a bit like a table of contents that is also annotated, illustrated and persuasive. Each section contains a subhead, brief intro blurb, and call to action linking to a top-tier page on the site. The first and last sections connect to the highest priority pages and, thus, require some of the strongest copy.

Above the Fold

The most important headline, this section must be straight to the point with high value words and a call to action oriented toward the main goal of the site. The language should compel and inform with no empty statements or filler.

Positioning Statement

This is often right under the fold and is usually a 1-3 sentence explanation of who you are, what you do and who you do it for. Simple and straightforward is key so people comprehend quickly. A touch of personality is great here, provided it doesn’t feel forced or distract from the meaning.

We are a team of cloud-computing experts who help software companies move their applications to the cloud and, once there, manage the SaaS environment for them.

We specialize in guiding our partners through the often tricky technological and business challenges of the client-server to cloud migration process.

The middle sections of the Home Page briefly summarize and lead to the What We Do and Who We Are pages, respectively.

The First Big Come-On

We all know how important it is to project a confident impression. The final section on your home page (or any page, really) is a key location for bold statements and strategic direction. Seduce ’em with words and send ’em where you want ’em — shopping section, sign-up form, sales page, etc.

At Wizmo, we’ll make sure your application gets to the cloud in a way that works better for your user base, your financials¬†and your code.


About #1: Who and How

For this project, I organized the About information into two different categories. The first explains how the company works — characteristics and qualities, so to speak.

The goal is to communicate a sense of values, attitude, areas of focus, passion and how it all benefits the customer. This tells the target market how they can expect to be treated.

Brand Values and Qualities

For Wizmo, I distilled their core essence down to four fundamental traits or values, briefly describing each, as follows:

Trusted Expertise

Our engineers and technical support team are among the industry’s most skilled. Plus, they actually have fun solving complicated tech problems.

Basically, these are the kind of people you want in charge of your SaaS machine.

All of us at Wizmo take a ton of pride in the work we do to make business better for our partners and their customers.

Because when business is easier, life is usually easier, too.


Committed Partnerships

“When you partner with Wizmo, you get plenty of human interaction. That is, real people working with you to give your SaaS product the wings it needs to fly.

Our goal is to make your SaaS transition a boon for business, while minimizing your financial risk. “


Unparallelled Ingenuity

Sustainable and Scalable
We’re able to reduce overhead and increase stability, while simultaneously lowering the per user cost for our partners.

Is it magic? No. Although, that would be fun.
This is simply Wizmo Wizardry in action.


Lifesaving Solutions

Proving It

It’s always useful to have some examples that take things out of the abstract and into the practical. Especially when the topic at hand is not quite tangible, like Software-as-a-Service, as in this case.

Three different scenarios are presented via sidebar, offering concrete ways Wizmo makes business better for their partners.

Wizmo can also make software available on Macs and/or tablet devices for our partners, without having to touch the original code. This has increased market share up to 30% in many cases.

If that’s not cause for celebration, what is?


About #2: What and Why

The second of the two About sections explains the what and the why of Wizmo’s approach to SaaS delivery. Their methodology, niche, and all the features and benefits that combine to make up the whole of what they do.

This page is organized according to their two-pronged approach — addressing the technological aspects first, and the business implications second.

Your IT department expands to include Wizmo’s ace team of engineers, project managers, developers and support technicians.

This way, your IT staff can manage your software and on-premise equipment, while we handle the cloud.


Specifically, we’ll figure out the ideal fee structure to ensure that you’re making money.

Your user base, income and expenses will always change at the same rate, keeping your cost-to-revenue ratio predictably profitable.

Brand Story

A brand story tells how a company or organization came to be, how it has evolved, and in some cases, even lays out a vision for the future.

Ideally, the story will be informative, engaging and true. To be inspiring — aspirational even — without delving into cheese or sanctimony is also a plus. So is personality. This is a great place to include some of that.


The challenge here is always deciding which details are necessary to tell the story in just a few sentences.

In this case, placing the company within the context of the Internet Age is important. Alluding to a broader history is not always required, however, and sometimes a very limited, biographical round-up will do.

Naturally, I also make an effort to avoid the boring boilerplate effect.

Wizmo, Inc. was born during the Internet gold rush era of the mid-1990’s. Like a lot of early tech businesses, we started with multiple services, and narrowed our focus as the decade progressed.


This section describes how the company has evolved and carved out a niche. This is also the place to brag about accomplishments and areas of excellence.


The final paragraph includes some humanity, revealing a bit about the company culture and the folks who make the place run. People do business with people, after all. It’s nice to be reminded of the faces and heartbeats behind an operation.

When not working diligently to serve the needs of our partners, Team Wizmo may also be found engaging in the occasional office pinball or foosball tournament. For team-building purposes, of course.


To go with the brand story refresh, I suggested giving the leadership bios a little injection of life too. While I cannot take credit for the updates, I love how they work with the rest of the site. Avatars (the client’s lightbulb moment, not mine) are also way more fun than the standard snoozefest headshot and fit in perfectly with the overall site design.

Your thoughts?

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