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How to Write Ad Copy Without Losing Your Soul: #4

A brand with soul is not interested in ad copy that bamboozles. But sometimes persuasive words come out sounding that way despite our intentions.

These last two tenets that help your ad copy be extra real and meaningful are a bit more abstract than those in parts one, two and three.

But that just makes ’em extra sumptuous.

How to Write Advertising Copy Without Losing Your Soul: #2

Avoid the pattern of hyped-up-sales-speak too many good people fall into when they write advertising copy.

Please. Just explain your product to me in easy-to-understand terms. Make it relate to my life, and I’ll listen to you.

Delight me with some clever wit, and I’ll even enjoy hearing what you have to say.

How to Write Advertising Copy without Losing your Soul: #1

If you are a business with soul, I desperately want you to succeed. You don’t have to write pushy, über enthusiastic advertising copy that promises miracles to do it. In fact, you’ll have better results if you don’t.

This is the first in a series of posts that share some guidelines I’ve established to help write advertising copy that sells everything, BUT your soul.