What is a Brand with Soul, anyway?

A business with soul infuses its products and services with a whopping dose of love and passion.

A brand with soul has personality, to boot.

Corporations are people too, ya know…

If corporations are people too, as our Supreme Court decided in 2010, then a corporation with soul is a “person” who cares about other people.

Like…really cares. Doesn’t just say it to be popular or for the positive PR. And if they’ve got a good personality on top of the heart (a brand with soul), then they’re nice to have around too. They get invited to the party.

One of the few things that encourages me about the future of capitalism is the growing trend of conscious commerce fueled by small business. Because it’s about real people doing business with other real people in a way that puts some love in every transaction.

When lots of soul is involved, spectacular things can happen.

When there’s no soul, you get a Wall Street cesspool of convoluted crookery that mainly benefits a tiny group who’re already rich.

The opposite of conscious capitalism.
Read accompanying story here.

Paul Needham, the fellow who took the above photo, says, “Business done right can create lasting social value.” He should know, his company SimpaNetworks helps people in rural India install solar systems.

There are A LOT of good businesses run by soulful people who provide valuable products, services and jobs with the work they do. They’re out to make a profit, of course. As they should be! But they also care about how their work improves the lives of the people they do it for… and how their business operations impact the planet and all of its inhabitants.

A growing number of businesses are actually baking this social responsibility right into their business structure by becoming a certified B Corp and/or changing their legal status to a benefit corporation. This also gives me hope.


Some major brands with obvious soul


More Conscious Capitalists, For The Win.

I believe that small business embodies the ideals of American democracy. People taking risks to follow their dreams, passions, talents or even just a stubbornly independent streak to make a living doing work that feeds their souls and their bank accounts.

This can take many different forms: women teaching other women to be sexy and strong through the art of pole dancing, the accountant who gets bonafide warm fuzzies helping folks keep their financial lives in order, or a painting company that only uses Eco-friendly products and techniques.

It could even be a widget manufacturer that prioritizes a healthy supportive workplace, gives back to the community, and seeks to minimize its effect on the environment.

I want these businesses to attract as many customers as possible and FLOURISH. Because we need more conscious capitalists on this earth. Now more than ever.

You def have soul if you love this movie.


Do you (does your brand/business) have soul?

Some determining questions:

Do you approach your work from a perspective that sets you apart from others in your field?

Are you a deep thinker?
Do you have substance?

How’s your sense of humor?
Can you laugh at yourself?
Do you ever apologize?

Are you inspired? Are you passionate?
Are you moved to use your talents and energy to do things better than they need to be done?

Is there a reason you do what you do beyond having to pay the bills?
Does your business have a purpose that goes beyond profit? (Profit is totally important too, yo.)

Are you conscious of the way your actions affect the planet and all the living things on it?

Do you give lots of shits about what you put out into the world?
How often are you full of shit? (Do you ever ask yourself that question?)

Are you interesting?
(Fact: You have to be curious first.)

If you answer yes to EIGHT or more of the above questions, I declare (with zero authority besides the power I vest in myself) that you, indeed, have soul.

You’re a human’s human.


My Mission + Your Mission, Sittin’ in a Tree…

Does your business have a strong or interesting personality?
Does it have a personality at all?
Or do you simply blare: BUSINESS TRANSACTION HERE ?

Maybe you could use some help expressing your vision in a way that matches the fiery feels part of you that gets you outta bed every day.

Maybe your business with soul could use a little personality boost. Turn it into a brand with soul that people always want to have around.

Perhaps my All the Website Words package is just what your business needs at the moment.

My passion is to give your passion a platform and a message. It’s how I help souls on a mission (like you) attract the right peeps, and get things accomplished.

All while being your very own delicious kind of awesome.

Your thoughts?

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